Umka was imported from Iskitim /Russia, the Sibirian region in 2006/ 12 from kennel  "Iz doma Sikhvarta "

Umka at 4y. old on the photo

d.o.b.             02.11.2006                      
dysplazia  HD A/A
breeder  V. Lazarenko, Russia
owner  Medzhal Ala,  Cz



Umka ( GCh.Darstan Alladin x Ch.Ailu Ak Sulu )
 is a major contribution to our kennel - is for us a very valued and blood-side to both theCh.Ailu Ak Sulu,imp.Turkmenia mother and father. Umka is a direct descendant of Turkmen amazing white aboriginal female Ch Ailu Ak Sulu. This female was imported to Russia region Sibiran as very young female. Father of Ailu Ak Sulu is the use of helpers and a shepherd-pastoralists called "Caban 'in the grazing herds of sheep.

Father of Umka is GCh Darstan Alladin ( Czingis(Belka, imp.Turkmenia ) x ..He is very famous and successful breeding dog-male...

Ch.Rus, RKF, NKP ,GrandChampion DARSTAN ALLADIN ( Czingis, Lipuhin x Ch.Vazira ) is magnificent dog. He is simply remarkable dog-male which left veryDarstan Alladin at 10,4y. old on the photo beautiful and successful posterity after himself. In his ten years is still in great physical form. He is very clever and intellectual guard. It is possible to write for long and enthusiastically about him. Alladin is very bony male; he has thick extremities (for many dogs now it is a rarity) and wide breast and snout. Dog possesses the very soft and light motions; he hasn't even the gram of dampness. This white color dog is really the dream from the picture...
He comes from the Siberian city Tyumen / Russia (owner is Natalie Pavljukova, Russia ) . His ancestors comes from Turkmenia too.
His Grandmother of the side father´s is a white female imported from Turkmenistan - BELKA this female  was a constitutional weaker, exhibition awards very good. Her offspring have been much better
Grandpa of the side father´is beige-white dog Afi-Kaidar Sheikh Ali, which comes from Novosibirsk and from the very well-known breeder in Russia A. Krishtopina "Afi Kaidar" - from this kennel st. comes many of dogs such as Kaidar Basar-Afi, Afi Abdul, etc. (History "AFI") as many champions of Russia, RKF, NKP, BEL, international etc..       

MOTHER: Champion of Russia VAZIRA,maj.Pavljukova 

 Mother of Alladin is great female Vazira . She comes from kennel. "Shachriyar" city  St.Petersburg, owner Samson N.T, Russia - international judge for the exterior.
In r.2007 / 4 while visiting St. Petersburg and I had the opportunity to personally get to know Mrs. Natalia Samsonova.                                                                   Grandmother of the mother´s side is very famous and very successful female DZHAMAL (05.03.1994 - 08.2004 ) owner  Samson N.T. - An exhibition of its achievements: World Winner '98, Champion RUS, EST, LAT, RKF, 3x BIS, is also a multiple winner of' pride of Russia », etc. .. This bitch excelled by no, full movement, nice type and great character .


Grandpa of the mother´s side is a white dog with black characters - DZHALADASH, owner Samsonova N.T. . This dog is very well known in the pedigree and quality ancestors such as the grandfather of the father´s side Arlan, owner is Kjarizov/ Turkmenia, great grandfather and great grandmother of the father is very well-known Turkmenian dogs Erlen, owner Kjarizov - Black Ekemen direct descendant, owner Meredov, Turkmenia and females Goinchi, owner Kjarizov, Turkmenistan also well-known female Akbai, owner Kjarizov/ Turkmenia ...

progeny of umka

PLANNED Litters 2015-2016 in kennel  Medzhal Ala

We plan to mate our russian female HVALA . Mating will take place in the country of origin. Stud dog yet to be decided.

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